The Handprint represents the belief that we can make a difference through individual and collective actions to solve environmental problems.

We are experiencing drastic changes in environmental conditions which can sometimes bring a sense of fear and helplessness especially among children. Hence, it is important for us to educate future generations that positive actions can help cope with these challenges. This is where the HANDPRINT appears as a symbol of hope, to make us believe, have the courage and commitment to solve environment and sustainability problems. It captures the energy of young minds, who have the caring attitude for building sustainable societies and to inspire all to be responsible for a healthier planet.

What does Handprint stand for?

Positive & tangible actions towards future sustainability.

Commitment to act for the common good.

Care for the planet and all life forms.

Collaborate to take actions for safer and healthier communities.

The Handprint story

A 10 year old girl Srija from Hyderabad, India participated in a CEE project where she expressed a wish to take positive action for future sustainability.

It is her handprint that inspired this idea. Her handprint is now an international symbol for creating a better world.


Handprint was launched in 2007 by CEE at UNESCO's 4th International Conference on Environmental Education held at Ahmedabad, India.

Handprint reiterates that positive actions can be facilitated, supported, and shared to inspire others (locally & globally) to act for the common good.